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Fast Action, Special Meal & Stomach Food


Our stomach is a highly acidic environment. Normally, this causes no problems, as the lining of our stomach is strong and can deal with it. Gastritis is when there is a disruption in the normal protections, and the lining of your stomach gets irritated and inflamed. That inflammation is your body's way of fighting off an infection or injury. The inflammation is caused by specific bacteria, alcohol, or certain medications.


Gastritis can happen all of a sudden (acute) or slowly over time (chronic). Symptoms can include nausea and vomiting, belly pain and bloating, indigestion or a burning feeling (like heartburn), and loss of appetite.

85% patients experienced rapid
relief from heartburn pain
in 15 minutes

after consumption of Gastro-AD®*

Rice flour, Pea protein powder, Canola oil powder, Cranberry juice powder, Fibersol®-2, Flavor, Potassium citrate, Fermented Soy (Gastro-AD®), Jujube extract, Fenugreek extract, Calcium phosphate, Magnesium (seawater concentrate), Choline bitartrate, Potassium chloride, Calcium carbonate, Red beet powder, Guar gum, Brown rice flour, Copper sulfate, Sodium ascorbate, Sodium chloride, Taurine, Vitamin E, Zinc sulfate, Chromium yeast, Molybdenum yeast, Selenium yeast, Sucralose, Manganese gluconate, Nicotinamide, Calcium pantothenate, Iron pyrophosphate, Vitamin A powder, Vitamin D3, Biotin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin K1, Folic acid, Potassium iodide.


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  • Complete and balanced nutrition to fulfill daily nutrient requirement.​​​​


  • Enhanced with 28 vitamins and minerals your body needs.


  • Gastro-Ad® to relieve gastric upset & complications from excess stomach acid.

  • ​​Jujube extract to reduce gastric acidity & juice secretion.

  • Fenugreek extract to improve appetite & antioxidants in gastric mucosa.  Thus, lowering mucosal injury.

  • Specially designed to provide digestive comfort, digestion health and comfort.

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