A Special Gift 

‘My mum was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes; I must do something to get her better!’


    This was exactly what on our founder’s mind before Metabolic Sauver was developed. Low, the founder of Metabolic Sauver is a Chemist who is the expert of medicines and their use. Albeit of his own profession, he truly understood that the secret in managing type 2 Diabetes isn’t found in a pill. The best and natural way to control it is through practicing a healthy diet and lifestyle.


    He then started to explore and gained more interest in nutrition and naturopathic medicine hoping to treat the underlying causes of his mother’s condition. His main goal is very simple, to give his mother a better alternative in her diet, which is convenient and effectively controlling her blood sugar level. He looked into all sort of liquid nutrition supplement in the market and yet none is the best in his opinion. In that case, he told himself ‘ I can create one for mum’.


   He spent nearly 2 years researching on the finest ingredients to develop Metabolic Sauver, to develop an effective combination is not as easy because he opted for the perfect one for his mum – a gift that heal. Thus, Metabolic Sauver was born from the love of a son.  

   Throughout the years, Metabolic family has been expanding to cater different groups of people. Currently we have a few ranges of product – Metabolic Sauver, Metabolic Gosure & Metabolic Junior. All was developed with the same original goal, to create better health for us.

Mr Low Swee Siong, Founder of Powerlife Malaysia
CEO of Alpro Pharmacy, the biggest community chain pharmacy Malaysia